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 28.00 L x 6.00 W x 3.50 D
 33.50 L x 8.00 W x 3.75 D


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Case Dimensions

Length Width Depth Length Width Depth Length Width Depth DEPTH
28.00 6.00 3.50 NF 27.00 4.90 0.80 27.10 5.10 2.00 2.80
33.50 8.00 3.75 F 32.60 7.00 0.80 32.60 7.00 2.15 2.95
F = Full Double Wall Base N = No Handle M = Metal Latches
I = Inset Integral Handle OH = Outside Integral Handle M/P = Metal or Plastic Latches

Our large sized blow molding carrying cases feature the outside dimensions of 28.0 – 33.50 in length. Standard width is 6.0 – 8.0 and depths range from 3.50 – 3.75. Our in-house manufactured blow molding plastic cases are shipped quickly. To find out more information and receive a quote for our in-stock plastic cases, contact us at 1-877-593-2182.

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