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Blow Molded Carrying Cases

Easy and Safe Casing for Storage and Transportation

Western Case has different types of hard carrying cases, including ruggedized military cases and the cheaper blow molded plastic. Our goal is to distribute the best carry cases as well as providing excellent foam solutions. Here is a preview of some of the sizes that are available. You can be sure that we have something Read More…

Blow Molded Products for Safety

Manufacturing Blow Molded Products Using Extrusion

Blow molding is used in the manufacturing process to create products that are used to produce hollow parts that we see everywhere, including septic tanks and eye dropper tools. It is derived from the glass blowing industry. The impressive technique is used in other aspects of blow molding, along with all bottle (i.e. detergent, bleach) Read More…

Blow Mold Plastic Car Parts Manufacturing

The Different Processes of Blow Molding Manufacturing

  Any type of hollow plastic made by blow molding are considered blow molded plastics. Water, milk and juice bottles are all perfect examples of products made with this method used by people every day. The Benefits of Blow Molding Blow molding is often used because it is an efficient and simple way to produce Read More…

Plastic Blow Molded Tool Cases

The Uses and Benefits Of Blow Molded Tool Cases

Plastic extrusion molding is accomplished by melting the plastic and then using a mold to shape it. After the plastic has been melted over the mold it is cooled by air blast or spinning then pulled through the mold cavity. This process works exceptionally well for tanks, surf boards, tool cases, hoses and bumpers. See Read More…

Traffic Safety Plastic Blow Molded Products

Forming High-Quality Plastic Products Using Blow Molding

  Plastics are non-metallic compounds, which are produced synthetically. When soft, plastic can be shaped into numerous forms. These shapes can be hardened for commercial purpose. Products for molding plastics are readily available. They include jars, plastic tubes, bottles, kitchen utensils, grips, accessories, cases, and protective caps. Stages of the polymer-making process • Polymer production: Read More…

Trade Show Blow Molding Cases

The Benefits And Versatility Of Trade Show Carrying Cases

Trade Show Cases Protecting booth accessories and promotional displays requires a top of the line trade show case. These blow molding cases need to have a hard shell with padding. Thin plastic or cardboard will not protect your displays. Smaller versions are available and they are designed with shoulder straps and handles to keep you Read More…

Blow Molded Car Parts

The Top 11 Blow Molded Products

Blow molded products are produced for several markets. At Western Case, we use extrusion blow molding, which extrudes the product through a tube of plastic, called a “parison.” Products can be designed in-house and produced. Blow molding products creates high quality products according to specifications. Here’s 11 Products Created With Blow Molding:   Automotive Ducts Read More…

Blow Molding Company Carrying Cases

Blow Molded Carrying Case Features and Options for Customization

Carrying cases produced through blow-molded production provide a quality case that can protect equipment. In-stock cases with Western Case have over 50 sizes to choose from in stock for delivery. Carrying cases are produced to display tools for retail, for industrial and commercial equipment, and to protect other items through a custom case design. Features Read More…

Blow molded carrying cases for product presentation

Custom Cases For Product Presentation and Sales

In the world of business packaging solutions, there exist several methods of creating custom cases. One of the methods pertains melting plastic down and blowing pressurized gas into the tube-like preform. The method, also referred to as blow molding, results in the production of lightweight carrying cases. The ultimate goal of any packaging firm is Read More…

Blow Molded Products for Safety

Blow Molded Product Benefits of Quality and Flexibility

Blow molded products have revolutionized the product industry and are needed in the amount of plastic ware currently required. This method enables fast production so companies are able to manufacture many plastic containers. Machinery for the production of plastics has been specifically developed to enable blow moldings with three dimensions. Production is supported through automation Read More…

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