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Blow Molded Car Parts Manufactured Western Case

4 Types of Car Parts Manufactured with Blow Molding

The process of blow-molding is often used for filling the needs of the transport industry. This market is quickly changing and blow molding can efficiently fill the new needs of the market. Blow molding is ranked among the most cost-efficient processes to create mass-produced plastic parts. The costs of equipment are low, and the price Read More…

Tips for Choosing the Right Carrying Case

The best way to protect valuable gear and equipment when traveling is to place it in a durable, strong blow molded carrying case. Carrying Case Advantages The right blow molded carrying case not only provides your sensitive gear with protection, but also mobility at a moment’s notice. Using a case constructed of plastic with a Read More…

Extrusion Blow Molding Products

How Extrusion Blow Molding Works

Extrusion blow molding is a method used to make plastic items such as carrying cases. A melted resin is poured into a mold and forms a predetermined shape. The shape of the item is determined by the shape of the mold. A solid shape forms when the extrusion cools. It is a complicated process and Read More…

Blow Molded Cases Using Extrusion Molding

Blow Molded Cases are Cost Effective & Durable

If you are looking for a strong, durable, and cost effective carrying case solution, look no farther than blow molded cases. Instead of injection molded plastics, blow molded cases use a different process that blows special thermoplastics into a metal mold. Because the process and materials are different, blow molded products are superior in functionality Read More…

Custom Blowmolded Safety Products

How to Use Custom Blow Molding for a Variety of Products

Do you need custom blow-molded products run in a short run? At Western Case, we offer a short run process with ease. Our blow-molded products are designed and made using our custom process to ensure a quality product. During the production process, plastic is passed through a high-density melting process. Once the substance melts, it Read More…

Custom Blow Molded Cases

Get Your Power Tool Case Customized

Plastic power tool cases are available in many different types of options. Blow Molded Cases for Power Tools Blow mold cases are the most common cases used today to sell with cases, particularly with cordless and corded power tools. The cases are custom molded to fit its contents, but they tend to be a bit Read More…

Custom Blow Molding Manufacturing

Four Requirements Needed To Bring An Idea To The Market

Businesses require a flow of products and services to be sustainable. There are many examples of products that seemed like a good idea but failed. Choosing manufacturers requires evidence of the product’s viability. A prototype of the product must be designed, tested and examined before being brought to the market. There are four factors, that Read More…

Worker Manufacturing Custom Carrying Cases

The Case for Hard Custom Carrying Cases Vs Soft for Rifles

Rifle cases come in two types, hard and soft cases. Deciding on the right one will depend entirely on factors such as the person’s needs and tastes. Hard Cases Hard cases, as the name suggests, are tough in nature. This is because they will have a hardened shell of plastic as their main material. Naturally, Read More…

Western Case Is Proud of Our Team Work and Continuous Improvements

We are a top manufacturer of blow molded cases and industrial parts today. Our expert managerial staff, production overseers, and trained supervisory employees are the main reason for our continual company progress. By operating 5 to 6 days weekly in three shifts, we have someone available 24 hours a day. Our company services customers in Read More…

Let Western Case Blow Molding Manufacturer Create Parts for Your Project

Western Case provides top quality custom blow molding. Quantities We can produce any number of parts but we suggest minimum production quantity of at least 1,000 parts. You can get a rough price estimate from an idea or a 3D CAD model. A precise uote requires exact specifications. We prefer to create a 3D model Read More…

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