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4 Types of Car Parts Manufactured with Blow Molding

Blow Molded Car Parts Manufactured Western CaseThe process of blow-molding is often used for filling the needs of the transport industry. This market is quickly changing and blow molding can efficiently fill the new needs of the market.

Blow molding is ranked among the most cost-efficient processes to create mass-produced plastic parts. The costs of equipment are low, and the price per piece is better than other methods like rotational molding and thermoforming. Parts for those types of molding cost more.

Blow molding can offer real advantages at both the impact-resisting levels and the structural levels. Blow molding can offer possibilities without comparison for pipes or ventilation ducts that are used for circulating fluids. That is because it allows geometric configurations that adapt to the space that remains between the components that are already in place. The insert-molding, over-molding, and in-mold-punching techniques that are offered will sometimes be used in this market segment.

Custom blow molded car parts can include caps for 4×4 step plates, spoilers, ventilation hoses, fuel tanks, handles, and OEM manufacturing.

Air Intake Duct, Wakeboard Ballasts

There are special air ducts that have metal mounting fasteners molded into tabs, air breathers, and bottles for any transportation need.

Automotive Ducts and Tubes

Blow molding can offer fantastic versatility in water and air delivery systems. Duct systems can be constructed economically using either a single or double-wall structure. They are comprised of different materials and contain many inserted assembly components. You have a sophisticated need for new markets.

Reservoirs and Tanks

Blow molding is a versatile and economical method for producing tanks and reservoirs. Shapes can get molded that will fit into any unusual space while still maintaining a tight tolerance. The tanks created can have different types of caps, hoses, valves, and gauge features.

Panels, Boots, and Covers

Safety is essential in the transportation industry. Blow-molded panels can protect against impact for passengers throughout the vehicle. Boots, as well as other flexible parts, allow for movement of the mechanical systems while causing no danger to the passengers. Blow molding can provide a foam-like protection that won’t crumble or tear.

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